7 Modern Apps that Have Positively Impacted the World

As more and more people are making use of cloud services and applying them to the business world, there are plenty of modern apps that are changing the way people interact. Apps can be downloaded on the phone and you can easily access a lot of things with a few taps. If a decade ago, someone would have said we will one day be accessing everything in this manner; we would have laughed at is the insanity in the statement.

Well, the future is here and you can find that the App store, for Android and iOS devices is chockfull of apps that can serve different purposes. From personal to business use, it can be difficult to pick and choose from the various different applications. To make things easier for you as well as highlight how apps have simplified our life in a positive manner, we’ve compiled a list of the best. The following are 7 modern apps that we believe have impacted the world positively:


  • Uber


Revolutionizing public transport, Uber is the most popular app that functions in 72 different countries across the globe. A cab hailing app that you can use get transport from any location to your destination. Uber offers different car types for different budgets. Using your live location to determine the pick-up-point, using Uber is easy, intuitive and smooth. You can easily download the app for Android and iOS devices.

The interesting part is that Uber has slowly branched out from simply being a cab hailing service. Over time, Uber has expanded their offerings with Uber for Business, corporate fleet services for hotels and corporate companies. They have also launched a food delivery service, namely Uber Eats which is only available in a few countries. The global impact of Uber is such that it is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with public transport. The convenience of Uber is also such that you can get a car while sitting in your home instead of having to walk down to the curb to hail a cab, or have to go and wait at the bus stop.


  • Airbnb


Looking to make travel accommodations cheaper, safer and better, Airbnb has slowly grown to become a global app. Airbnb connects the person with hosts who offer a room, a portion or an entire house for rent for a specific number of days. With a win-win scenario for everyone involved, Airbnb has become extremely popular. The success behind Airbnb has allowed for the app to become global. It is currently used in 191 countries and a total of 81,000 different cities. You can easily download Airbnb app for Android and iOS devices.

Airbnb doesn’t just offer a way for one to find travel accommodations it is actively working on making exploring new destinations fun and easy. There are hosts of other options that have been introduced as well including the Airbnb Experiences, Airbnb Concerts and for those looking to stay at homes that are architectural delight; you can choose to stay with a Super host. Slowly but surely, Airbnb has made travel and tourism better by providing travelers with a cheap, safe accommodations apart from hotels. Airbnb can also attribute its success to the Millennials who place more importance on travelling, particularly in China.


  • Foodpanda


Making meal time easy and fun, Foodpanda is a food delivery app that connects users with different restaurants in the locality. With online menus, users can simply tap on the dishes to add them to their cart and check out. Payment can be done with cash on delivery or via online transactions. Started in Germany, Foodpanda has slowly grown to offer its services in 11 countries and a total of 193 different cities.

Its global access, ease of use and payments has made it easier for one to get their food delivered to their doorstep. Foodpanda also happens to be a delivery service that is covering the widest geographical limits and collaborates with over 27,095 restaurants on a global level. It is also one of the few food delivery services that are available in developing marketplaces including countries in Asia and the Middle East.


  • Slack


If you have a business and need to improve departmental interaction, you can make use of software that helps you do this. Slack is one of the most popular team management apps that improves time management, collaboration and facilitates workplace interaction between different departments and software. Whether you use it for a departmental basis or for to make project collaborations better for you, Slack is the perfect tool for you. It also has a very simple interface which means that the learning curve isn’t as steep as you would fear.

The success behind Slack not only makes it a good tool but it has made it widely utilized by different businesses, including Airbnb, Los Angeles Times, Oracle, Target and more. Slack also allows you to have a shared online place where businesses can store files and access other documents with ease. For remote working, Slack is also great, allowing ease in communication. The multitude of ways you can use Slack also improves flexibility which makes it a great tool to have in your workplace.


  • PayPal


Available on Android, Windows and iOS as well as on the website, PayPal has made payments simple and easy. For a freelancer, this is a must have tool that makes it easier for them to work with different businesses. The payments are also easy to make in different localities. Currently PayPal is available on a global level, functioning in over 202 different markets and available for a total of 25 currencies, other than the US dollar.

Payments through the app follow a one touch basis where it allows one to make payments through the app to sponsored businesses. One major problem that appears is that when money is received or transferred, it goes straight to the PayPal account before it can be transferred to a personal account. This can take a few days to happen. Despite this factor, PayPal is globally used for various transactions on a daily basis.


  • Toggl


For those who rely on an hourly payment schedule or would like to be more productive, Toggl is the perfect time keeping app that allows you to track your hours or your teams. The transparency it offers makes it great for use with clients as well and the time logs can also be easily shared through the app. Designed for simplicity, Toggl has a simple tap to start timer which can allow one to keep track of all minutes. The multi-purpose nature of Toggl means that you can easily tweak it to suit your project goals, your project requirements as well as your work management goals.

Similarly, for the desktop, Toggl is compatible with different programs, allowing you to make use it as easily as possible. The data shared on the time sheet can also be used to determine your work habits, maximize productivity. The multi-platform user experience also means that you can combine your time sheet data, whether you were using the web tool or the app. With the help of this app, freelancers everywhere can also make sure that they don’t waste a single penny by losing track of their time.


  • UWork


UWork is designed to allow you to tap into the human cloud which can be difficult but you should consider that when you want to hire someone for your workplace. Working with a freelancer can save you a lot of time, money and give you more freedom to get better, and faster results. It also allows you to speed up your hiring process. This means that, instead of it taking a month or two to find the right person, it now takes you a week or two to find and hire someone.

Similarly, you might be a bit worried about using different platforms. UWork can be looked upon as hybrid version of Toggl, PayPal and Slack. It allows you to keep track of time spent, improve project management and even facilitate making payments through the app.

Available for free download on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play store, UWork is an online platform that focuses on making business simple and easy. The easy-to-use interface allows you to post a job, sift through potential applicants and also manage shift and make payments.

The app is secure and works as the Uber of Employment, allowing you to connect with the right employees. Employees can also sign up with UWork and apply for jobs posted to work on a freelance basis with the company. UWork also makes it easier to calculate hours done, payments pending or made as well as help employees handle income taxes and more.

With UWork, working freelance and hiring employees becomes easier and you don’t have to handle anything. All you need is just a tap away! Get UWork now and see all the amazing benefits it has to offer.