How UWork is Changing the Way You Work

The modern day apps have slowly evolved to become better and make a bigger impact on your life. From allowing you to order food online to hailing a cab, apps play an integral part in our day. In fact, it is hard to see what apps can’t do. Even then, among these, you can find various apps that play a bigger role in shaping our society.

Uber, Lyft, Foodpanda and others are known for changing the way consumers behave, which has brought about further change for the greater good. Among the apps that are revolutionizing the way things work, we’d like to mention UWork, an app that is changing the way you work. UWork makes it easy to hire and work with freelancers in your locality.

Meant for use by potential employers and employees, UWork makes things easier by allowing you to connect over a single, dedicated platform. Don’t just take our word for it, take a closer look at how UWork is changing the way you work.

Bridging the Gap

In the job market, there is a distinct lack of communication and a huge gap between the employer and the potential employee. The whole process of finding the right candidates is also extremely tedious, making it even more difficult to find the right person for the job description you have in mind. Moreover, there is a serious demand for skilled workers, but a very wide bridge between the job posting and the possible employee.

A major way that UWork functions is by actively cutting down on this gap between the employer and the employee. It makes job posting and connecting with the right person instantaneous. You could post a job and get a dozen responses or more within the hour. Similarly, a person looking for work can also hope to get an earlier reply from the potential employee.

Making Talent Accessible

It is extremely difficult to find the right talent for your business. Many small businesses are also unable to grow or move to the next phase because they don’t have the right talent on board. In many cases, budget limitations also mean that they have to be more mindful about hiring the right people. With UWork, you can easily get better talent in next to no time.

The ease of use that UWork offers ensures that you are able to find the right talent without any worries. Work with them at your own time, in your own pace and on your own terms. All you have to do is make sure that you set your parameters and define everything out properly. By posting a job, employers can also make sure that the applicants they get fulfill the role completely.

Paving the Way for Freelancers

UWork makes it very easy for freelancers to find the right job and apply. Many freelancers are faced with this issue. Luckily, UWork makes it easier for freelancers to get the job they want. The best part about it is that they don’t end up wasting their time, energy or other resources. UWork gives you access to a large number of job opportunities. All you need to do is sign up, log in, make a profile and start applying for them.

They are easily able to find to a job by logging on to a dedicated platform. In this case, it is the UWork platform. The simple app connects freelancers with a wide array of projects that are available. Requirements for jobs can also differ and they are spread out across a wide array of industries. Moreover, jobs can also vary based on the locality of a person so you can easily find the best ones.

Handling the Fine Details

Another issue that they can have is delays in payments, unable to log their hours properly and more. Many of the online platforms that are available online don’t address these issues. They work as the mediator, helping the freelancers to connect with the right employer and vice versa. Payments are made through the platform but that’s about it. A lot of the little details are left up to the other parties to handle.

Luckily, UWork makes sure to offer you complete service. All the details are streamlined when you are working with us. Employers do not have to deal with the hassle of making sure that they have the right system set up so as to pay the freelancers properly and on time. With UWork, freelancers and employers can both breathe a sigh of relief. Designed to make things easier, the interface isn’t the only thing that is simple and intuitive about the app. UWork comes packed with a wide array of features that allow you to do the following:


  • Secure Payments


Payments can be made securely on UWork through the help of Stripe. You will need to create a Stripe account to work with UWork or link your previous one with the app. The software is safe, secure and trustworthy with over 100,000+ plus businesses making use of it including Lyft, Target, Under Armour and more. With the help of Stripe, you can automate your billing process and ensure that you are being paid on a regular basis. UWork allows you to get daily payments on a rolling term of 7 days.

Stripe’s api is also trusted, reliable and crafted by so you don’t have to worry about any problems. They also have software that is specifically designed for use on Android and iOS devices so you can easily use Stripe with ease. You can also rest assured that your sensitive data is being protected and won’t get misused or place you at risk in this manner. For more information about UWork’s security and safety, take a look at their Privacy Policy.


  • Tax Deductions on Income and More


All income earned is liable for taxation, which can be a whole process on its own. With UWork, you can forgo much of the headache that comes with these deductions. The unique algorithm in UWork handles all the issues, including income taxes, WSIB – Workplace Safety and Insurance Board deductions, payments to the CPP – Canadian Pension Plan, EI – Employment Insurance and other plans before you get access to your amount.

You can easily define the parameters for the payments you need to make to ensure that this is done in an automated manner. With UWork, you don’t have to worry about making any further payments to any other plans that you are eligible for. The app makes everything simple, easy and intuitive for all parties involved. If there are any other plans that are not included in the app, please contact support and we will be sure to help you out as soon as possible.


  • In-App Punch Clock


Working by the hour? Don’t bother downloading another app, tool or software to track your workable hours. UWork provides an in-app punch clock that you can effectively use to record your working hours. Your payment is calculated based on the data generated with the in-app punch clock. You can also view and share previous records of your time spent on a certain job.

This feature is not just available for freelancers. Employers can also view the records to keep track of the work done, the progress made and more. With the in-app punch clock, employers can effectively make sure that all work being done on their project is on track for completion. Never miss a deadline again when you are using UWork for any of your assignments or projects.


  • Direct Hiring Options


Working a freelancer and like their services so much you want to hire them? UWork makes this process safer and easier for you by offering you that option once you have been working with a regular freelancer for minimum term of 6 months. After this time period, you can opt to direct hire and make that freelancer a permanent part of your team. In this manner, you can also reduce risk by making sure that the person you’re hiring is going to be a definite contribution to your business.

With UWork, you can ensure that you are getting quality people to work with. Sifting through the applications is also easy as you will get to view their profile. Candidate profiles are usually an abbreviated version of their resumes, allowing you to get a glimpse at their skill sets and quickly deduce which person is the best one for the project you are posting for. With UWork, you can work in a simple and easier manner.

Download UWork Now!

Hailed as the Uber of Employment, UWork is redefining the hiring process and allowing you to connect with the right people who can contribute to your business in a productive manner. Employers can sign up with UWork and received applications for their job postings to work on a freelance basis within a day.  

UWork is currently available for free download on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play store. You can also visit the website and fill in an online form to get in touch with UWork’s support team for more information.