Why are User Reviews and Ratings so Important for You?

New business practices are being introduced on a daily basis. These improve B2B and B2C interaction on a wide scale. The interesting part is that as this aspect is growing, so is the reliance on user reviews and ratings to find the best business possible. This aspect isn’t just limited to a particular product. It can relate to a service that a business provides. With a rating system, businesses can create a dialogue that allows them to be more open. Improvements to the product are also easy to make because of this aspect.

User reviews and rating systems are also very simple and easy to use. A business can generally hope to get scores out of 5 stars each time they interact with a consumer. The higher the score is, the better the service is going to be. This reliance has become so embedded for consumers and even some businesses, that they often make use of services solely on the basis of the user reviews and ratings that are being shared. In fact, any modern business today needs to focus on this aspect to help their business experience bigger growth.

The Use of Reviews for Businesses

As consumers are becoming smarter, user reviews and ratings are beginning to play a larger role in the way that people interact with a certain business, a product or a service. In fact, these very same reviews and ratings dictate various businesses and industries. Businesses understand how user reviews and ratings work and they can actively work on improving a negatively reviewed service or feature.

A negative review is also an opportunity for a business to learn. This allows them to modify their services to ensure that they are able to consistently meet customer satisfaction with ease. These reviews are so prevalent that you will even find them in the App Stores. Designers of apps rely on the ratings for their apps to show up and to fix the feedback they are being given. In turn, it helps the business develop an open dialogue with their target market.

The SEO engines are also making use of ratings and will generally show products, services, apps and businesses with better services at the top of the search results. For businesses, this means that every positive review and every negative review could have a major impact on their visibility. Another added fact, behind the visibility of these reviews is that they can often contain keywords that make them more likely to show up in the search results.

Making a Business Out of It

Interestingly, some people have taken the use of user reviews and ratings even further by actively incorporating them into their business offerings. Yelp is one of the biggest websites that rates restaurants, hotels, salons, nail parlours and more. In fact, any business or industry that is service related is featured on Yelp and a good Yelp rating can definitely affect the way people see a business.

Positive Yelp reviews have generated more profits, a bigger audience and more exposure for the particular business. On any given day, someone can turn to Yelp before they make a decision about the best restaurants, salons and more in their locality. The numbers also support this fact:

  • Around 98% of users on Yelp will make a purchase with a business that they have found through the platform.
  • 80% of users make sure to visit Yelp first before they visit a business or make use of a service
  • Getting a boost of even 1 star can boost revenue for the business by 5% to 9% whereas getting a negative review can cause a loss equal to 30 customers.

The success behind this model is evident in the growth of Yelp and the benefits that many local businesses have experienced because of their Yelp rating. Similarly, other industries have also sprouted up such as the BBB – Better Business Bureau that can be trusted to get an accurate review regarding the overall quality of the service provided.

Not Just Yelp

It is not just Yelp that makes use of user reviews and ratings. Another business that makes of them on a more micro level is Uber. It is one of the biggest examples of a business that relies on a user reviews and ratings regarding a service. The instant feedback generated from Uber is what set it apart from other businesses but it was quickly picked upon.

Lyft and other delivery services also make use of the user reviews and ratings to assign certain services. Having a good Uber rating also comes with certain perks for the users. Having a higher the rating will translate into better services for the consumers whereas the drivers get some benefits from Uber itself.

What Do They Signify?

Getting a good rating might offer perks and benefits on a micro level, but what is the bigger picture here? A good user review and rating actually impacts the business on a macro level as well. Interestingly, user reviews generate a lot of trust, with 88% of people saying that they trust user reviews and ratings. This number is equal to the percentage of people who turn towards a business based on personal recommendations. Consumers also turn towards businesses that have a good rating because of the following reasons:

A Sign of Credibility

A business with a good rating and review is more likely to be viewed in a positive light. Consumers are going to look upon it as a sign of credibility and it will be more likely to have a good reputation in the marketplace.

In fact, consumers believe that a business with a high rating is 50% times more likely to be a good place to shop from. Another interesting factor is that around 86% of users will be hesitant to purchase or work with a business that has a negative review. With a good review, you can have a higher credibility and a better outreach.

Builds Trust

Trust between consumers and businesses are necessary because they want to be sure that they are getting good value for money when they make a purchase. Based on the number of reviews a business gets, a business can build this trust. The major factor behind the success of user reviews and ratings is because of how consumers are affected by them.

Data shows that almost 90% of all consumers make use of online reviews before they make any decisions regarding a product or a service. Apart from this factor, around 72% of users say that they are more likely to trust a business if it has positive reviews and ratings.

Quality in Service

Good ratings and user reviews can also be used to signify the overall quality of a business’s products and services. Again, the data shows that 92% of people will definitely visit a business if it has rating of 4 stars or higher. Customer satisfaction is also higher and 31% of users are more likely to spend more at a business that has excellent reviews for their services and products.

In fact, the higher the rating is, the higher the quality in services is assumed to be. Businesses can also showcase their dedication for quality by actively helping resolve the issue. Instances where a negative review was revised to a positive one have also managed to showcase quality in service for users.

The Role of User Reviews and Ratings in UWork

Understanding how user reviews and ratings work is necessary if you plan to make use of UWork. Hailed as the Uber of Employment for the hiring industry, UWork simplifies working with freelancers by acting as a mediator. The platform also allows you to keep track of your workable hours, make secure payments, and check logs and more. We take great pride in providing a premium work platform that delivers quality results for all parties involved.

A major way to ensure quality in services is the use of the rating system. Businesses can rate the freelancers that they have worked with and vice versa. In this manner, we can make use of a more open environment where there is no bias and there is more accountability for working together. Similarly, various benefits will also be provided on the basis of this rating system. Businesses can opt to permanently hire freelancers on the basis of their relationship with a freelancer.

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